Client Case Studies

With 93% of purchasers reviewing case studies prior to committing to a software purchase, it’s essential to provide prospects this information. If you don’t provide client case study examples, but one of your competitors does, it might result in losing a prospective client to them. But, client case studies can be difficult to generate, make unique, and enticing enough. Some of the largest companies out there have great examples of client case studies that are optimized for conversions. Looking at their case studies may help you build your own. Before we jump right into the client case studies, let’s quickly review why case studies are so important.

Why are Client Case Studies Important?

As a consumer, it’s difficult to choose the best software based on your specific needs and wants. You often spend hours researching your options, comparing prices, features, reviews, and case studies. If one company provides case studies where you can watch or read how similar companies take advantage of a software, but another company doesn’t have case studies, there’s a good chance that you’ll choose the software that has this information. As a software company, you want to provide prospective clients with as much information as possible. This is because not everyone can see the value in your software instantly, as there is no tangible product. Now that you know why client case studies are important, let’s go over what makes a case study good. 

What Makes a Case Study Good?

What prospects look for in a case study can vary from company to company. But, the main reasons that prospects read case studies is to understand your company. And, get an idea of how they would use your software on a daily basis. When reading case studies, prospects often choose to read about how you helped companies that are similar to theirs. This is because they will resonate with their struggles. So, it’s best to have a variety of case studies to provide your prospects with. In addition, offering multiple formats of case studies is another way to impress prospects. Allowing your prospects to choose between short form and long form written case studies, in addition to video case studies, is a great way to give prospects options on how they want to consume the information. Quotes, supporting information that further explains these quotes, images, and GIFs are all a great way to include as much information as possible while still keeping the case study straight to the point. Now that you’re familiar with what makes a case study good, let’s go over the top client case studies from some of the largest companies.

Hubspot: G2 Decreases Cost Per Lead by 25% with HubSpot

Hubspot is a very well known CRM software company that offers plans for both small and enterprise-sized companies. It has a number of competitors that offer similar services and are competitively priced. On the other hand, G2 is a software review site, similar to Google Reviews, where users can read about companies, their competitors, and find a software that fits their needs. When companies create a listing so they can get reviews, they are able to upgrade their account to get access to exclusive analytics, branded page assets, and more. 

This is an interesting case study, as both of these companies are very well known in the industry. By including enticing information in the title, that G2 decreases their cost per lead by 25%, the reader will immediately understand what the case study is about even if they don’t have time to read the entire report. Including a number in the title is enticing, because it increases the chances of the reader continuing down the page. This case study includes a short video and text, to let the reader choose how to consume the information. Plus, video case studies are always a great way to advertise on social media or other platforms. 

Hubspot Client Case Study

Zoom: For Ciena, Zoom’s Unified Communications Platform ‘Opens Up Different Ways of Working’

Zoom is one of the largest video conferencing software on the market. It had a lot of its rise to fame due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where companies and schools were forced to go remote. On the other hand, Ciena is a networking system and software company. They aim to help their clients build more adaptive networks that grow with their needs and demands. As you can see, this company needs to have superb communication to ensure their teams are on the same page. However, this can’t always be done via email or instant messaging.

In this case study, Zoom starts off with a quote from Ciena’s CIO, “Technology such as Zoom doesn’t just replace things, it actually opens up doors for different ways of working,”. This is an excellent way to start this case study. Because, some businesses are concerned that remote work will disrupt productivity. In order to raise employee engagement, Ciena switched to a video-first culture. This allowed their teams to easily communicate and collaborate with each other. This case study has written and video options, giving the reader the ability to choose how they consume the information. In addition, it is straight to the point without any unnecessary filler information. Zoom has a ton of great case studies if you’re interested in checking out different formats.

Zoom Client Case Study

Zapier: How Unbounce drives long-term growth by partnering with Zapier

This is one of my favorite client case study examples. Zapier is a software that allows you to easily integrate thousands of your favorite software. Even if they don’t offer a native integration. Unbounce is an AI-powered landing page builder that allows you to optimize landing pages with drag and drop technology. Since both of these software can be relatively difficult to understand if you’re not very tech savvy, the more case studies the better.

In this client case study, Zapier includes a combination of quotes, their own supporting information and stats, as well as images of their dashboard to help the reader fully understand the report. Zapier has made the impressive quotes stand out. A great example of this is the Unbounce quote stating “Unbounce customers who use integrations powered by Zapier have more than 10X the LTV (lifetime value) of accounts that do not have a Zapier integration,”. This quote is in bold so it stands out from the rest of the text on the page. In addition to being straight to the point. This is helpful for readers who may just be skimming the page. Additionally, this quote could be repurposed as an organic social media post or advertisement to help drive engagement.

Zapier Client Case Study

Visitor Queue: Why Legacy Tax & Resolution Services Switched from Lead Forensics to Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is a lead generation software that can identify the companies that land on your website, while Legacy Tax & Resolution Services is a tax firm that aims to help business owners reduce their tax bills. When Legacy Tax & Resolution Services reached out to Visitor Queue to assist with their lead generation, they made Visitor Queue aware that they were using one of their main competitors. 

In the Visitor Queue and Legacy Tax client case study, the reader is provided with direct quotes from their client. In addition to supplementary information that helps Visitor Queue prove why they are better than their competitors. Case studies that prove why a company is better than their competitors are a great way to encourage prospective customers that are wanting to switch or compare their options. This case study also highlights their software, to help the reader fully understand how they would benefit.

Visitor Queue Client Case Study

CoSchedule: This 5-Person Marketing Team Managed 12x More Work While Working Remotely

CoSchedule is a project management and marketing software that helps teams organize and enhance their marketing and sales strategies to maximize output. Their case study is with UofSC university, who had to transition to remote work due to the pandemic. 

This is a great case study, as a lot of companies can relate to the struggle of working remotely. Managers have struggled over the last two years to increase collaboration and communication among their team members. This case study is broken down into key sections, which makes it extremely easy to understand. They provide a number of impressive stats, graphs, and quotes that support the client case study. CoSchedule mentions that the UofSC team now manages 12x more work with their Marketing Suite than they did previously. In addition, they increased total daily social engagements from 170 to 3.4k in just one month. These stats are very enticing to anyone reading the case study as most managers are also wanting to improve these stats.

CoSchedule Client Case Study

Build Trust with otrillo

As you can see, client case studies are a great way to help your prospective clients understand your company. And, help them envision what it would be like to use your software on a daily basis. While reviews are great, nothing compares to a case study that provides enticing statistics, images, supporting text, and other information that helps the reader envision what it would be like to use your software on a daily basis. Having multiple types of client case studies, whether it be different formats or a variety of industries, can help entice prospects. But, we all know that generating case studies is not always as easy as it sounds. That’s where otrillo comes in. otrillo helps you easily generate high-quality video and written case studies automatically and asynchronously. Convert more prospective clients with otrillo. Join the waitlist today and get early access.

Final Words

Case studies are a great addition to any website or marketing campaign. I hope you were able to gain knowledge with these client case study examples. Although it can be tricky to generate new and qualified case studies, without otrillo of course, it’s well worth the time and effort that it takes as a case study may be the reason that one of your prospects converts. If you have any questions about how to generate high-quality case studies using otrillo, do not hesitate to reach out.