Hassle-Free Video Case Study Capturing

Effortlessly record video case studies and testimonials automatically and asynchronously. Simply set the questions you'd like to ask clients and share the link with them, we'll do the rest.

Interactive Written Case Study Generation

Easily collect written case studies and testimonials using a chat bot style questionnaire. You create the chat sequence and send it to your clients for completion, then sit back and enjoy all the completed case studies.

Collect Multiple Types and Reward

Create and share Collection Pages with your clients that allow them to choose the type of feedback they'd like to give. Reward them for their time with completely customizable reward incentives.

Professional Editing as a Service (PEaaS)

Download all of your written or video case studies for your team to turn into polished content, or leverage our team of creatives to deliver fully edited and beautiful case studies.

Use Cases for Everyone

Professional Case Studies to Display on Your Website

Endless Content to Share Across Your Social Media Channels

Generate More Reviews from Top Clients Across all Review Sites

Gather More End User Feedback to Help Guide Your Product Planning

Perfect Social Proof for your Sales Team to Share with Prospects

Automatically Create Content That Marketing Can Use Across all Channels

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